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CreationsRewards enables you to earn rewards for what you already do online. And, membership is always FREE. Read below about how you can earn "CR Points" for the things you do online. Then, find out how you can turn your points into gift cards to leading nationwide stores. It's very easy!

Earning Points

Daily Surveys

Visit our Surveys section. Here, you will find many of our Daily Surveys. Each survey you see in the list can be completed once per day to earn the points listed. For example, if you qualify and complete 3 of the daily surveys listed, you'll earn points for all 3!

Do not worry if you don't qualify right away. Just try again in a little while. You can attempt to qualify as often as you want.

Just remember, once you do qualify and complete one of the surveys, you cannot do the same survey again until tomorrow. Move on to the next one and maximize your points!


Daily Videos

Most people watch videos on YouTube. Why not watch videos and earn rewards? Visit the Video area of our website. You will be shown a list of available videos that you can watch to earn points.

Simply click on a video and watch it in its entirety. After watching the video in full, the point award listed will be credited to your account. Then, move on to the next video and do the same.

Check this section often, new videos are always being added! It's a very simple and easy way to earn points.


Offer Walls

The Offer Wall section of CreationsRewards contains several offer walls filled with great deals & offers. Offer walls contain registration, sweepstakes, trial, videos, and many more types of offers.

Browse through the lists to see what offers interest you. Then, signup for something you're interested in. The points listed for the offer will credit to your account upon completion of the offer's requirements.

This section can earn you 1000s of points very fast! Give it a try today and you'll be earning tons of points in no time!


Shopping Online

Who doesn't love to shop?! With CreationsRewards, you can earn rewards for each purchase you complete in our shopping area.

It's like cash-back on every purchase you make online! You can shop at your favorite stores listed. We also allow for you to compare prices and rewards for shopping when you're looking for a particular product.

Coupons and promos? We've got you covered! Each store's page on our website will display current coupon codes and sales, so you can maximize your savings and rewards! Shop online with us today.


Website Visits

Every day, you probably visit several websites. Now, get rewards for doing so! In our website visits section, you will be shown a list of websites that you can visit to earn points instantly.

Some of the visits may require you to interact with the website featured, or some may want you to interact with a slideshow or other item. It's fast and easy to earn website visit points. Check this area often, as new websites are always being added to the list.


Refer Family & Friends

Everyone today as their own social network of family & friends. Now, refer them to CreationsRewards! For each person that registers for CreationsRewards using your unique referral link, you'll earn 10% of the points they earn with us -- for the life of their account!

Spread the ability to be rewarded with your family and friends. In return, you'll be rewarded with 10% of the points they earn with us!


Win & Promo Points

Want to earn instant points? Check out our "Win" and "Promo" pages.

In the Win area, we currently have a daily trivia game. If you answer correctly, you'll earn 1 point! Visit every day and test your knowledge.

Over in the Promo area, you'll be presented with a box to fill in a word. On our website, Facebook, or Twitter pages, we post a special code for you to enter periodically. Be one of the first to submit the word to the promo page, and you'll score the points offered for it -- instantly! Always be on the lookout for promo codes.


Spending Points

Redeeming Points for Gift Cards

Now, you learned how you can earn points with CreationsRewards and be rewarded for practically everything you are already doing online. What do you do with the points that you earn with us? This is the fun part -- redeeming the points you earned for a reward. Head on over to the Rewards page and check out the list of rewards we offer.

You can redeem your points for gift cards to leading nationwide stores. It's the best part of CreationsRewards -- getting your gift card in exchange for your points!

Point redemptions begin at just 1,000 points for $5. With the number of Daily Surveys, Videos, Website Visits and more that we offer, you'll be earning gift cards quickly and frequently!